London Olympics 2012: Badminton, Beach Volleyball & Basketball

Shewy’s parents were over in London for the Olympics and Shewy was lucky to get his hands on 4 tickets to see badminton and 4 tickets to see beach volleyball, whilst Baris his friend helped us to buy 2 tickets to the Para Olympics Basketball.

It was exciting to be part of the Olympic fever cheering and roaring for countries that we supported and being so close to the world’s elite. We were lucky to see the Hong Kong team and China team playing badminton whilst we unleashed our patriotism at the stadium. We all knew from newspapers that there were plenty of empty seats and the papers were true to their words which made it sad, as the empty seats were the best seats in the stadium. Empty corporate seats should be disgraced and condemned!


Beach Volleyball was staged at the Horse Guards Parade which was just splendid. Panoramic view of London’s finest icons set in the foreground of a sunset. A moment of romance was found amongst the crazy heated supporters! There was a major difference between badminton and beach volleyball supporters! Badminton being subdue and sober whilst beach volleyball attracted hordes of ¬†sprightly alcohol drinkers enhancing the cheering and rounds and rounds of Mexican waves!

beach volleyball

Panoramic view of the stadium


Still early, seats do get filled up.

Interval entertainment

Interval entertainment dancing to ‘Hey Margarita’

The Para Olympics Basketball was staged at the O2 Arena and it was the first time for both of us to visit. The O2 Arena was like a village with a lot of different restaurants to choose from but they were mostly chain restaurants, as I cannot imagine any independent restaurant could survive when there are no shows or games playing.

It was only after the Para Olympics Basketball game that I looked up what is the definition of a para olympic athlete. Different games accommodates different disabilities from mental to physical to sensorial disabilities. This includes, amputees, mobility and visual disabilities and those with cerebral palsy.

It was very enjoyable to watch the basketball games and we never thought it could get so rough in wheelchairs! We both salute to the players and for reminding us to never give up and enjoy life.


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