Anniversary High Tea @ The Capital

To celebrate our “together anniversary” Shewy suggested having tea at The Capital which was a good idea, as I could go on a shopping spree afterwards at Harrods or Harvey Nic. Of course shopping spree didn’t happen and I only got to window shop. Boohoo.

The tea set at The Capital was nicely set in the library room which was nicely decorated and we were the only people there so we occupied the whole room. The food was nice and dainty and I felt just like a lady.

3 tier cake Petite

3 tier tea set, lovely.


Scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream, yum.

tea set

Tea to aid digestion from the above delights, BURP.Tea excellence resize

Awarded with Excellence for its tea range and blend.

toilet gold sink duck

… and I never forget to visit the ladies room where I found the most stunning “GOLD DUCK BASIN”. BLINGING!

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