Annual Wine Tasting 2013 @ The Dorchester

We were lucky to receive invites to attend the Annual Tasting 2013 at The Dorchester, where wine suppliers from different countries came to London to present their produce to the UK food and wine industries.

We brought Wendy along making 3 of us and were only there for 1 hour, so we had to make the most out of the event. At first, Shewy was showing off his wine knowledge to the wine producers but it wasn’t making the most out of trying as many wines in an hour. So our next strategy was to flick through the Annual Tasting Bible (a book listing wine wholesale prices) and go straight for the most expensive wines there were at the event. Sadly, the price did not reflect the taste of the wine. Frankly speaking Wendy and I were already tipsy within the first 15 mins as we kept on drinking and forgetting the spittoon … Shewy the responsible adult was of course tasting dorchester

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