Valentine’s Day @ Theo Randall

Our last Valentine’s day as singles. I hope this doesn’t jinx it. After marriage we will forget about anniversaries, celebrations, sweet dates etc etc, I will personally make sure this will not happen!

Shewy had visited Theo Randall before and he was really impressed with the food from his last visit and when he was researching for a place for us to dine out on Valentine’s Day he found that they still served a la carte menu and a Valentine’s Day set menu. In other words, we weren’t ripped off by the 2 special words, “Valentine’s Day”.

As usual Shewy bought me a rose and chocolates. I surprised him with 4 massive heart balloons which I had to hide in the cloakroom before bringing it out to him after ordering our food. Yes a little embarrassing as we took the tube home.

We both didn’t go for the set menu, so we ventured our appetites into the a la carte menu which had a broad choice of meats and veggies. For starters, we had beef carpaccio and fresh pasta with seafood. Mains we had veal and wood roasted pigeon. Dessert we had a selection for 2 with dessert wine paired. We found the wood pigeon stood out the most as they had used every bit of the pigeon to make the dish, using the innards to spread as a pate on the bread with the pigeon resting on it.

We both were happily tipsy when we left but I was unsure of the bill till I got home and checked the bill to find that they had overcharged us on the “dessert for 2” which should have been GBP15 instead of GBP30. I called immediately the next day to ask for a refund and sadly the problem was not rectified till 3 months had lapsed. I blame it on management and not the chef!

Taking the liberty to call Mr. Randall, Theo. Theo tweeted me which put a personal touch to the evening. I saw him walking around the restaurant talking to customers and I had wanted to take a photo with him. I guess I caught him at a busy moment so he left me a message and said, “… Next time I promise.” (pic attached below as evidence!!) Would definitely visit again soon.

4 heart balloons and a rose from the lady

4 heart balloons and a rose from the lady

Yummy breadtrinchero red wine

Chocolate and roses from the man

Chocolate and roses from the man

Tagliatelle al pescatoreTaglio di vitellowood pigeoneating like a ladydessert for 2shewy jocelyn

theo randall tweet

Theo tweeted  me. When I told Shewy he said, “WHAT?”.

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