May Bank: Guardians & Lake District

It’s May Bank long holiday weekend so we decided to visit Shewy’s guardians , Alan and Francoise (“A&F”) up in Liverpool and Lake District. We first drove up to Liverpool to stay over night at A&F’s home and for the first night they were not home, so Shewy and I let ourselves in, as Shewy had keys to the house and they had kindly left salmon in the fridge for us to cook for dinner but we had previous night left overs so we finished that instead.

The next day we woke up bright and early to start our adventure in the highlands. We seriously weren’t geared up properly and did not have enough food on us. We had a tacky printed map of the trail which wasn’t really useful. About 10mins in, we stopped a couple and asked which route was which. They first looked at us from head to toe and said, “Up there is going to be marshy, cold and with this continuous drizzle it won’t get any easier. We are going to do this route which is going to take 1.5hrs up this river stream and then crossing a bridge and back.” Shewy and I looked at each other, without a word we mutually agreed to go the easy way whilst we both silently had been dreading the up hill hike!

Bridge Crossing

Bridge Crossing

Shewy little lamb

Shewy and a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb …

Jocelyn cold

Me looking cold





To wrap up such a tough trail, Shewy did some food research and found that there is this trailer restaurant which is very popular with motorcyclists nearby called, “Refuel Station”. We stopped over to refuel our energy. Shewy had a spicy burger, and if you look closely there is a glass of milk to cool down the spicy heat. Funnily, the milk and burger went well together.

refuel station lake district

Spicy Burger & Milk

The sticky toffee monster in Shewy had to visit the sticky toffee town of Cartmel. Sadly it was already quite late and the shop had closed, so we just took a photo with its plaque. Shewy had wanted to visit L’Enclume a 2 Michelin star restaurant which was also in the town of Cartmel, we were unable to book a table so we stood near the kitchen inhaling the aroma of food preparation.
l'eclumecartmel sticky toffee

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