Hog Roast @ Imperial College Hall

Shewy’s friend Arash, a warden at Imperial College kindly invited us to an end of term event. To keep up with last year’s spectacular lamb on a spit, Arash this year decided on a hog roast. OINK OINK.

It was the first time I have seen a hog roast in action. When we arrived, the party had already started 2 hours and there were still students queueing for a piece of The Hog. Though we arrived late there were still plenty of food left and being a friend of “Arash the Warden” of course we received special privileges such as jumping the queue. Having fast tracked to the front of the queue we each had a plate, and the hog served immediately from the spit to our open buns, to top it we generously smothered apple sauce making a hog roast burger. On the side, we had cracklings to complement and beer or Pimm’s to wash down our nectarous sins. I was full after one serving but it was rather amusing to see Shewy going back for seconds, thirds …. from meat down to the bones!

Oh yes, being back at school made me think I have lived for a while now. Would I choose to study in the near future, I believe not, maybe short courses with no literacy involved!

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